cisco asa 5506xTraditional “defense in depth” architectures typically force organizations to buy multiple security solutions — such as firewalls, VPN gateways, web filters, and other appliances — from different vendors. This approach increases complexity, as the products don’t always work well together. The lack of unified protection creates multiple blind spots. Attackers exploit these gaps, leaving organizations vulnerable and too often unaware of threats and attacks. Enterprises usually need to hire several dedicated teams to install and manage these disconnected security solutions. These security teams try to compensate for gaps in visibility and threat protection with manual processes that are inefficient, unreliable, and costly. This environment prevents rapid responses to the fast-changing threat landscape.

With Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services, you consolidate multiple security layers in a single platform, eliminating the cost of buying and managing multiple solutions. This integrated approach combines best-in-class security technology with multilayer protection integrated in a single device that’s less costly than piecemeal security solutions. You also get much greater visibility into what’s going on in your network, far beyond what’s available with traditional solutions. With full contextual awareness you will see all the resources you are charged with protecting. Blinds spots that are avenues for exploit are eliminated. Full visibility lets you better detect and prioritize threats based on their risk. Their possible impact is assessed and prioritized by an automated system. Meanwhile, the number of events associated with monitoring and response is reduced. The time between detection and cure quickly shrinks in a streamlined operation.